What’s This Blog About?

For a long time now I’ve been toying around with this idea in my head: to create a blog in which, every day of the week, I will write an entry featuring something, anything, that made me remember life is good, nay great.

Ever since the idea popped into my head I thought it was–if I may say so without sounding too conceited–pretty great. At the risk of sounding clichĂ©– for which I profusely apologize–I have noticed that in our mostly fast-paced lives most of us sometimes forget to stop, breathe, feel and think about the moment. Most of us live task-oriented lives that leave little room to stop and notice that something beautiful is probably happening around us.

It is scary for me to think that I could get so immersed into this task-oriented kind of life that my only reason to live would be to “get things done.” So I started this blog, to accustom myself to stop, breathe, feel and think about the moment. To notice the little things that happen every day and that make me happy.

I don’t except to make groundbreaking discoveries about life or human nature. I also don’t except to change everybody’s lifestyles because, really, who am I to tell people how to live their lives? My only hope for this blog is that someone might read it and start thinking about those little things that make their life good.


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