You snooze, you win…



Hitting the snooze button

…are one of those little things that remind me life is good.

Presionar el boton de snooze

en el despertador

…son una de esas pequeñas cosas que me hacen recordar lo buena que es la vida.

You’re completely relaxed, probably snoring loudly while you dream of lounging in a beach somewhere with a cold drink in your hand. And then, out of the blue, the obnoxious beeping of your alarm clock slices your dream in half and makes your heart pump blood really fast. You are forced to abandon your very comfortable position tangled in the sheets and open your eyes to the assaulting sunlight coming through your window.

You proceed to tell yourself, “Just five more minutes.”

That’s it. That’s all it takes to convince yourself five minutes more of sleep will make a difference. So you reach out and you smack your hand against the snooze button.

The obnoxious beeping is gone. The peaceful silence rocks you back to sleep.

And then your five minutes are up…


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