Sortta like a sauna, but better…



Hot showers

…are one of those little things that remind me life is good.

Un baño de agua caliente

…son una de esas pequeñas cosas que me hacen recordar lo buena que es la vida.

Every time I feel like I need a serious break, every time I feel like there’s too much to do and too little time, every time I want to stop worrying or obsessing over something, every time I want to feel relaxed and rejuvenated I take a hot shower. Letting the warm water pour down on me has a magical effect, it makes me see things clearly.

When I was little I hated the idea of taking more than one shower a day. Now, I would take up to five if only I didn’t have to do my hair and re-apply makeup every time I take a shower.


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  1. I’ll admit while most normal people wake up with a cup of coffee, I believe in the hot shower. If I’m lucky, the radio station has a decent line-up of songs to go with.

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