If you want a gentleman, be a lady


Violence is Violence, Even If It Comes From A Girl


I realize the title of this piece might be misleading. By ‘lady’ I do not mean the old-fashioned, mistaken belief that ‘ladies’ should be seen and not heard. Nor am I promoting in any way that women should be submissive to their male partners and/or friends.

In fact, this piece deals with equality between men and women.

For a long time now I have noticed that a great number of women think it is OK for them to slap, pinch, or otherwise induce physical pain on their male partners, friends, etc…I am a woman, and I have to admit I used to believe that, if a guy ever did something really hurtful to me (cheat on me, and the likes), it would be perfectly acceptable for me to slap him so he felt as hurt as I did.

Some women think hitting a guy is OK because our gender permits us to do these things. Others think it is OK because most guys wont hit us back. Some might even reason it’s OK to hit a guy because they are stronger, they can take it. Or maybe because we, as a gender, have had to live in oppression for so many years that now we should be able to get away with this things.

I disagree.

I believe that in our fight for equality, we should accept men as our equals. We should understand that violence against another human being is wrong, whether it comes from a woman or a man.

Most of us women would agree that it is outrageously wrong for a man to hit a woman. Even if she did something he didn’t like, even if she said hurtful words to him, even if she cheated on him with his best friend. The picture of a man hitting a woman is offensive to most of us, and it should be. Physical violence is not OK.

So, why do some women think it is OK for a woman to slap, push or pinch her partner when he does something wrong, hurtful or stupid?

It is true that sometimes men are stronger and can inflict more physical pain on a woman. But the degree of pain inflicted is not a factor here because, in the end, the physical bruises heal but the emotional scars that physical violence leaves are way harder to do away with. And yes, men have emotions too.

I agree that life hasn’t be easy for our gender. Historically, females have been oppressed for far too many years and it is not fair. But the oppressed should not strive to oppress the oppressors. Violence should not be met with more violence.

Both women and men, we should strive for equal right and responsibilities. We should strive to be respected and, in turn, respect others.

So, girls, don’t do unto men what you would not have men do unto you.


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  1. I agree completely that no one should ever hit or hurt anyone, regardless of gender. Men still have pain reception. Just because they are guys doesn’t mean a slap or a pinch doesn’t hurt. Great post.

  2. As a male, I find this subject really interesting. I agree whole heartedly with everything that you’ve said and am vehemently anti-violence. What interests me is that across the western world I’ve noticed that violence from women towards men is accepted to a degree. Here in New Zealand there is no law that says a woman may not hit a man, but there is a law that says a man may not hit a woman. We also have strong anti-violence campaigns directed at men and not women. While I can see and acknowledge that violence toward either gender is an issue, female violence towards males is seldom, if ever addressed. A commend you for taking on such an issue šŸ™‚

    • Yeah, sadly people tend to ignore the fact that violence coming from a woman is still violence.

      I didn’t know that there was such a law in New Zealand, it makes me wonder whether there are laws like that in the U.S. or Mexico, where I come from.

      I think part of the reason why violence against women is better addressed and there are laws against it is because, statistically, more women than men report being victims of violence.

      Thank you for reading and sharing!

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