From a repressed night owl…



Sleeping in

…is one of those little things that remind me life is good.

Despertarse tarde

…es una de esas pequeñas cosas que me hacen recordar lo buena que es la vida.

I am most certainly and without a doubt NOT a morning person. Any activity I engage in before 10 a.m. I probably give 50-70% of my attention/effort. Now, you get me to do something at 12 a.m – 4 a.m. and I’ll have all the energy to do it to the best of my ability. I’m a night owl, and I’m OK with that except for one thing: the world is utterly crazy and most people want you to be active during the morning/afternoon hours.

So, not having the power to change everyone’s schedules, I have succumbed to social norms and I tend to wake up early-ish in order to get things done/meet my responsibilities.

Ah! but those days, those sweet sweet days in which I can wake up at whatever time I want! Be it 11 a.m. or 3 p.m.! How I cherish those days!



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