This guy is hilarious, so just for that you should read his blog. But I liked this post so much because he addressed something I don’t think enough people, especially parents, are addressing. He puts it like this: “The age at which kids are being indoctrinated with sexualisation seems to be getting lower and lower.”
I enjoyed my childhood immensely and I was a child for as long as I could. Still, there are plenty of times when I wish I could go back and play with play-doh and barbie dolls. I can understand wanting to grow up and do grown up things because it seems fun at the time, but I think kids now days are taking it too far, they are missing out on their own childhood and parents are letting them.

--- Grumpy Comments ---

Yesterday, my girlfriend Rebecca dragged me through a Primark shop to grab a couple of last-minute Christmas gifts. For anyone who doesn’t know, Primark is a horrific place; perhaps the closest representation of the Christian interpretation of hell, on earth. It is a never ending jungle of cheap, tatty clothes, patrolled and overpopulated by a vicious breed of horrific rhinoceros women, clawing at one another for that last little frilly top, as their suicidal boyfriends sit on floor; their souls almost visible as they slip from their bodies. Fourteen year old girls with push-up bras and mini-skirts trot around the lingerie section with their new born babies, while barking insults at the kid who may or may not be the father, as he begs to be allowed to leave after the third hour. It truly is humankind’s worst offering to the retail universe.

Anyway, so there I was, thinking fond…

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