My Take on the New Series “Touch”


FYI: Today I won’t publish a normal “little things” post, instead I felt like writing a slightly longer opinion piece about what I think of the new TV show “Touch.”

By The Way, Why Is It Called Touch?


I saw the season premiere of “Touch,” a FOX production about a boy, Jake, who is apparently extremely gifted and can see the order of the Universe and his dad, Martin, who follows his kid around in order to find his destiny. This is a very rough summary of the show and by no means a comprehensive one. (If you are interested you should check out the website for the show)

Anyway, I started watching the show because ABC was not airing a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy and I didn’t really feel like watching a movie on Netflix. Also, I like Keifer Sutherland and I missed watching him on screen ever since I gave up on “24”. The concept seemed interesting and quiet promising at first, so I sat down with a freshly made dinner and watched the first episode of the series.

By the end of the episode I came up with these conclusions:

  • Sutherland is still a good actor. Also, he must be in really good physical shape from all that running around he does in his shows. Oh! And it seems to me he really likes playing roles in which the character is always agitated about something, but I won’t complain much because he is good at playing those roles.
  • I am slightly confused as to whether Jake, the boy, has some sort of emotional/mental disorder. He seems to present Autism symptoms, but it hasn’t been clarified. Maybe I missed when they explained this during the episode, but I still don’t know the reason why he doesn’t talk.
  • I wonder if the boy is ever going to smile? He saved a life and re-united a father and daughter yet not one hint of a smile crossed his lips. It makes me kindda sad.
  • I wonder what pushed Martin, a grown man with the responsibility of caring for a child with an emotional disorder, to listen to another grown man (Arthur) who seems to believe that one can tell the order of the Universe with numbers. It just does not seem plausible. Granted, by the end of the episode Martin does get proof that his son has special “powers” and can see the order of the Universe. But even before getting any kind of proof, Martin spends the whole episode running around doing what his 11-year-old wants him to do because  Arthur says he should. Maybe if they gave a little bit of background on how Martin met Arthur and what pushed him to believe in all the mumbo-jumbo stuff Arthur says, then maybe things would get clearer for me.
  • The child who plays Jake really does have one of those unreadable faces. He irradiates wisdom yet still manages to look like an innocent child. Kudos to the casting person who chose him!
  • Now, about the plot. I started watching the episode having seen a few trailers of the show before hand. I have to admit I was expecting some type of Lost-ish plot in which they get you really confused the first few episodes (I believe when they do that they call it dramatic tension), then they start giving you a few answers and even more questions, and then *hopefully* they’ll give you all the answers by the end of the season/series. So I was expecting to be hooked with the series premier and be wanting to watch the show next week to see of maybe they’ll give me some answers. Imagine my despair when, by the end of the episode, THEY GAVE ME ALL THE ANSWERS! Every character, every dramatic question came full circle and everything was resolved into this little, neat, happy ending.
  • This got me thinking on what the following episodes are going to be like. Is it going to be a CSI type of show where everything is resolved by the end of the episode? If so, then chances are I won’t watch anymore because I wont get hooked and I’ll simply forget the show exists (that’s just me though, I’m sure there’s people who like those kinds of shows better) OR was this first episode just the exception? Probably not.

In conclusion, I liked the first episode enough that I might watch the second one if I remember to tune in and there is no new episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I am really disappointed, though, that the season premiere didn’t create that whole “what’s gonna happen? I wanna know more” feeling that I usually get from shows like this and that makes me watch them until the end, even if the series finale is as bizarre and vague as the one from Lost.



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