Did you think I forgot?…




…is one of those little things that remind me life is good.


…es una de esas pequeñas cosas que me hacen recordar lo buena que es la vida.

I am publishing two posts today because I am aware I did not post yesterday. I have a perfectly good reason though: midterms. I spent most of my day yesterday in class, work and at home cramming mass communication law into my brain so that I could do well on the midterm today. It seems the effort was fruitless, or at least that is my prediction based on the fact that I felt like dying after taking that test. But who knows? maybe I’ll do well and disappointing my readers will have been worth it.

Enough of my rambling though. Here is today’s little thing: crepes! Again with the french, you say? Well I can’t help it! They make good food. For those who don’t know or haven’t had the pleasure to taste them, crepes are like really really thin pancakes which you can fill with anything imaginable and they will most likely always be delicious. I personally prefer sweet crepes. More specifically, my favorite kind are filled with cream cheese and blueberry jelly.

What is your favorite kind?



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  1. Hmm, I haven’t had crepes in years, and even then I can’t remember how I had them. I believe they were sweet too. Something creamy in them, perhaps yogurt.

    You’ve reminded me that I could use a bit more French food in my diet. Gracias. 🙂

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