Quien te quita lo bailado…



Spring Break

…is one of those little things that remind me life is good.

Spring Break

…es una de esas pequeñas cosas que me hacen recordar lo buena que es la vida.


That first day of spring break you feel like a WHOLE week is a good amount of time to have fun, go out, see friends, watch all those movies you’ve been meaning to watch, read a book you’ve been meaning to read, study for midterms AND catch up on sleep. That first day, a sense of endless possibilities fills your head and you feel like you could do anything and everything during this week. Ah! Such a great feeling!

Then the week starts, and you do get to have fun (a lot of fun actually), and you do get to see friends, and you do get to relax…and you don’t get anything done and you get very little sleep.

And then the week is over. It’s like you suddenly blinked and it was Sunday again. Back to reality.

But oh those sweet sweet Spring Break days! No nasty Monday can take those away. Like they say back home: quien te quita lo bailado?


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